Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hiring the Best Wrongful Death Law Firm in California

Losing your loved one because of an accident is definitely a very difficult situation to be in. Surely, it is something that you will have to endure psychologically and emotionally, but it is even more so for you and your family if the accident that killed your loved one was caused by another person or party’s carelessness. Therefore, if such unfortunate event happened to you and your family, it is in your best interest to contact the best wrongful death law firm. Since your loved one accident was caused by another person or party’s negligence, you and your family can claim for a rightful settlement through the expertise of a wrongful death lawyer in California.

The importance of seeking a wrongful death law firm

Seeking a wrongful death law firm in California is very important on your part because of what the group of lawyers can do for you and your family’s wrongful death claim that would help your chances of obtaining a favorable settlement that you deserve. Finding a law firm with a seasoned pool of attorneys capable of handling wrongful death claims would ensure you that your claim will immediately incur favorable results, such as the amount of compensation you and your family may receive, as well as the establishment of fault of the other party involved. Your chosen law firm will also be capable of determining the unique damages and losses that you and your family incurred. What you will get out of a successful settlement in your wrongful death claim will cover for your lost income and companionship, funeral and burial expenses, and the emotional toll that you and your family would have to prevail over.

Moreover, seeking a wrongful death law firm is important in order for you to avoid the setbacks that come along with dealing with your claim, such as trying to negotiate your claim on your own, as well as worrying about the funeral and burial costs. Because your claim will be expertly and effectively handled by a wrongful death law firm, what you and your family can only focus on is to mourn over the loss of your loved one and get past the emotional pain and suffering you are experiencing.

The basics of wrongful death claims in California

Wrongful death claims and lawsuits are among the most difficult cases to handle. Most of these claims stem from various personal injury accidents, such as auto collisions, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and slip, trip and fall mishaps, among others. Also, these claims rely on statutes of limitations, which is the time limit surviving family members of the deceased or any qualified person needs to consider when filing such claims. In California, filing a wrongful death claim must be done with two years from the date of an individual’s death.

A certain wrongful death claim must be filed by an individual who serves as the representative on behalf of the deceased person’s surviving members. The surviving members, also called the “real parties in interest,” who can recover damages from the liable party can be anyone of the following:

·     Immediate family members of the deceased person (e.g. Spouse, legitimate and/or adopted children);

·       Life partners and financial dependents of the deceased;

·        Distant family members (e.g. Brothers, sisters, grandparents); or

·    Any person who may suffer financially from the loss of his or her loved one, even if that person is not blood-related to the victim.

Additionally, wrongful death claims can be brought against any of the liable parties: persons, companies, government agencies, employees, and the like. Through the expertise of the best California wrongful death attorney, your chosen law firm will help establish proof that would determine that the other party is at fault for your loved one’s sudden demise, as well as make sure that the amount of compensation that you and your family will receive is just and paid in full. You have all the right to pursue a wrongful death claim in California, regardless if you are in Los Angeles or in any nearby county. Not only will the law firm be able to claim economic damages, but also non-economic damages such as loss of companionship, comfort, and emotional support.

Seeking the expertise of a reputable wrongful death law firm

It is important that you seek the best wrongful death law firm that will aggressively pursue your claim so that you and your family cannot only obtain the justice that you deserve for your loved one’s death, but also a favorable settlement that will help cover for the damages and losses you and your family incurred. In choosing a law firm, make sure that you take into account its vast expertise in representing deceased individuals’ family members, as well as its string of victories in delivering the best results for their clients.