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Personal injury is a term used to refer to a tort lawsuit where the plaintiff alleges the defendant’s negligence as the cause of the former’s injuries. A Los Angeles Personal Injury Law Firm has shared that accidents bring about by one’s negligence can result in bodily injury, intentional or negligent infliction of emotional distress to an individual. The tort laws entitle victims of personal injury to file a claim. In these claims, the defendant, if proven guilty of negligence, may be compelled to pay damages to its victim/s. Damages are used to pay for the medication and treatment of the injuries to personal injury victims.

Types of personal injury claims

There are many different types of claims under the personal injury law in California and a plain Joe or Jane Doe may have a hard time understanding and differentiating them. A personal injury law firm in Los Angeles shares some of the most common types of claims filed in the courts of the state.

·         Vehicle Accidents. There is/are always one or more parties responsible for a vehicle accident. If you were involved in a car accident caused by another person’s or group of people’s negligence, you have the right to file a personal injury claim against the liable party or parties involved.
·         Brain Injury. There are times when a slip, fall, or medical malpractice causes brain injury to people. If you contract a brain injury as a result of which, there’s a great chance for you to have a disability or even die.
·         Wrongful death. A person’s negligence can cause injuries to people, and in some cases, even death. If one’s actions or the lack of it caused somebody’s death, even if unintended, the family or relatives of the victim may file a personal injury claim against the liable individual or the people.
·         Premise Liability. Personal injury accidents happen almost anywhere, even in public places, business establishments, or another person’s property. When an accident happens that is caused by the property keeper’s negligence, the proprietor or property owner can be sued for this kind of claim.
·         Animal Attack. No matter how domesticated an animal is, there’s still a great chance that it will attack people, causing injuries or even death. If this happens, a person can file this kind of claim against the owner responsible for the animal’s keeping.
·         Product Liability. In the event that any product or service of a company causes injuries to a customer, the victims may file a product liability claim.
·         Slip and Fall. The property owner’s or lessee’s negligence in keeping their property hazard-free can cause slips, trips, and falls to visitors. If one visitor suffers from injuries or death caused by this accident, they can file this type of personal injury claim.
·          Medical Malpractice. The failure of a medical practitioner to provide the necessary standard of care can cause injuries or even death to people seeking medical attention. If this happens, the victims or their kin can file a personal injury claim.
·         Spinal Cord Injury. Like the brain, the spinal cord is one important part of one’s body. When one feels badly, say because of a slip and fall, or gets a bad blow in the back, one may suffer injuries in the spine. This could cause one to feel pain or even end up permanently disabled. If this is caused by the negligence or unintentional act of another individual, the victim may file a spinal cord injury claim.
·         Construction Accidents. Workers, bystanders, or passersby that get injured in construction sites due to the lack of safety precautions can file a construction accident claim and get the management of the site liable for this event.

A group of Personal Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles explain that these claims in California’s personal injury laws give you avenues. Means to ask for assistance and seek justice for the injuries that you may suffer from because of some people’s negligence. More than demanding damages to victims, this helps encourage to people, especially business or property owners, and companies to be more careful and mindful of the safety of the people around them.

How can the Best Los Angeles personal injury law firm help you?

When filing a personal injury claim, preparation is the key to the claim’s success. That is why it is important that you hire the services of the best personal injury law firm in Los Angeles to help you in preparing for your claim. They have the knowledge of the tort laws in California, helping you come up with a strong case with bigger chances of winning. If any of these ever happens to you or your loved one, remember to hire the services of a top Personal Injury Law Firm that you can find. Suffering from disabilities or losing a loved one because of the negligence of others is a very painful experience. That is why you should only entrust your claims to the best legal professionals in Los Angeles.

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